Welcome to AwakeNetwork, a community of meditation practitioners from a wide variety of traditions whose goal is simple: to awaken in this lifetime. In this community you will find people from all walks of life, young and old, modern and traditional. The only real tie that binds us is we all "suffer" (however you want to define that term) and we all want to fix that.

In some cases, the people you will interact with at AwakeNetwork will be the same people to meet face-to-face in your real-life sangha. However, in many other cases, you will be interacting with people whom you have never met except virtually, and that is really what this place is about. Because technology has enabled a huge dissemination of dharma knowledge and, as a result, there is an unprecedented mixing of traditions and knowhow resulting in...who knows what?

Whatever this mixing produces, we hope that by creating a place to foster the communication and sharing of practical dharma wisdom, we will all end up in a better place, and leave a legacy to pass on to future generations.

As a quick orientation, this site is divided into several broad sections: a social network (the "Share" menu), a discussion forum ("Discuss"), and a community magazine ("Read"). If you are used to just having a discussion forum, then the social network and magazine will come as a (hopefully) welcome addition. And if you normally just use a social network like Facebook, we hope that this more focused community will help grow your practice.

Please note that joining awakenetwork.org is just the first step. To get the full benefit of discussions, you will need to be a member of one of the groups on the site. So if you see a group that strikes your fancy, contact that group's admin and get yourself signed up.


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